Published on December, 27th 2019


SAIDA S.A., is a Tunisian Company extracting salt from an in-land Salina situated in the Sebkha of Sidi Al-Hani (Monastir-TN) and partner in the MedArtSal project funded by the European ENI CBD MED 2014-2020, is looking for aService provider in the field of Algae production in Salinas and separation methods.

MedArtSal project aims to promote the sustainable development of the artisanal salinas, providing concrete support on economic, environmental and governance issues.As part of this project, SAIDA will work to demonstrate the possibility to produce the beta-carotenerich Dunaliella Salina microalgae in in-land Salinas, focusing on the concentration and harvesting step.

The research will be run by in SAIDA’s personnel at SAIDA’s facilities. A small pilot scale will be set-up (after a preliminary geological probing). SAIDA will also set-up a small lab with base equipment for performing the required daily experiment

In order to support the effort linked to this activity, we are looking for a Service provider which could ensure the required Scientific and technical support for SAIDA personnel dedicated to the project, as well as access to infrastructures and equipment not available in SAIDA facilities. More specifically, the provider should offer the following Services:

·    Scientific assistance in alga production along the full project lifetime, providing consultancy and scientific guidance to the personwho will direct the research program in SAIDA. Special attention will be dedicated to the physical separation of the algae from the growing media, which is particularly challenging for Dunaliella Salina.

·       Geology consultancy for probing the area for Pilot installation

·       Conduct specific tests requiring complex laboratory equipment which SAIDA could not afford to buy for the project.

·       Allow access to specific lab facilities for the Scientists working in SAIDA on a need base.

·       Write regular reports on work advancement and services provided in English.

The Service contract is expected to start in January 2020 and finish in October 2021 (except in the case of extension).


This call is open to both Public and Private service provider.

Offers should specify the infrastructures, equipment and competencies which the provider can propose and the cost of the service. The economical offer should be expressed in the form of a “by contract” agreement upon the payment of lump sum for the proposed work as specified in the offer. Proposed terms of payment should also be specified.

Offers should be sent to the following email address: or or by direct submitting at SAIDA society.

Only applications which will be reaching us by February the 11th 2020 will be considered.Please specify contact details in your offer.

The Poviders proposing best offers will be contacted by February the 17th 2020 to fine-tune the offer and define the contract details.