Published on December 17th, 2019


SAIDA S.A,is a Tunisian Company extracting salt from an in-land Salina situated in the Sebkha of Sidi Al-Hani (Monastir-TN) and partner in the MedArtSal project funded by the Europeen ENI CBC MED 2014-2020, is looking for a .

MedArtSal project aims to promote the sustainable development of the artisanal salinas, providing concrete support on economic, environmental and governance issues.As part of this project, SAIDA will work to demonstrate the possibility to produce the beta-carotenerich Dunaliella Salina microalgae in in-land Salinas, and to develop commercially valuable products based on it. Results will feed the MEdArtSal Final model development.

The person we are looking for is going to be responsible to guide the development of D. Salina based commercial products. More specifically, in collaboration with the other partners of the project and the dedicate personnel of SAIDA, the selected person will be responsible to:

·       Define the research line on the exploitation of Dunaliella Salina to develop commercially valuable products, preferably in the field of pharmaceutical, cosmetics and nutraceutical. The plan, based on bibliographic search and personal expertise, should propose different options to be explored, including both established products (i.e. pure algae extracts or dry algae powder) and new options which are not currently available in the market (i.e. more complex products based on the previous materials).

·       Define the working plan for the SAIDA personnel for what concern the development of commercial products based on D. Salina. SAIDA personnel will runthe practical experiments, in order to achieve the results foreseen in the plan defined by the Consultant.

·       Conduct directly some of the most complex tests which would need special expertise, either in SAIDA or in other laboratory to which the Consultant may have access.

·       Follow throughthe program advancement along the project and adjust the initial plan to focus on the most promising options, based on experimental results and marketing analysis (see below). The objective is to define lead option after the first year and demonstrate the possibility to obtain at least 3-4 products commercial products in the domain of interest by the end of the project.

·       Support the development of the marketing strategy for the proposed products, through own expertise and market analysis, in collaboration with the leader ot this specific work package.

·       Write regular reports on the work advancement.

The Consultancy contract is expected to start in January 2020 and finish in April 2022(except in the case of extension). More specifically:

-        The work related to the algae-based product development is expected to start as soon as the contract is signed and to be completed by October 2021.

-        The work on marketing analysis and marketing strategy definition is expected to start around June 2021 and finish by May 2022.


Ideal candidate profile:

·       PhD in biologic sciences, environmental science, chemistry or engineering.

·       High Scientific profile with several years’ experience in working at the University (i.e. Assistant professorlevel) or in the food, cosmetic or pharmaceutical Industry (i.e. Research Director level).

·       Specific experience in supervising other people work (at the University or in the industry)

·       Specific experience in vegetables-based food products, biological activities of botanicals derivatives, pharmaceutical actives of botanical origin, nutraceuticals, use of botanical in cosmetics, etc.

·       Expertise in extraction techniques from biological sources

·       Expertise in products formulation.

·       Knowledge on the market cosmetics, pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical products

·       Specific experience in Algae and/or products based on algae, will be a plus.

·       Proficient in English

·       Good knowledge of software of office package

·       Good collaboration skills

·       Available to travel abroad and within the Country for the project related activities

We offer a “by contract” agreement upon the payment of lump sum to be agreed for the described work. Therefore, the Consultant is not expected to follow a fix daily time schedule and is free to choose the workplace, as long as the expected services and results are provided. We offer to pay 10% of the lump sum which will be agreed at the contract signature and the rest on a regular base every 3 months upon proven project advancements.

On top to the described work, the selected consultant could also be invited to participate to specific meetings and Fairs which will be organized for the project for a maximum of 10 days (until six months after the end of the contract).

This call is open to women and men with the required profile, with no discrimination on gender, race, nationality, language, religion, personal or social conditions.

To apply for this position, please send your CV together with a motivation Letter (in English) to the following email address: or or by direct submitting at SAIDA society. Please also indicate a telephone number where we could reach you.

Only applications which will be reaching us by January the 5th2020 will be considered.

Interviews will take place week of January the 6th and Contract will start as from January the 13th 2020.